BSF Swissphoto AG

BSF Swissphoto is a Swiss-German company with a rich tradition in the geodata industry, organized in three business units 3D-Mapping, Engineering Surveying und Consulting.


The company has 45 highly qualified employees at three locations in Switzerland (Regensdorf) and in Germany (Berlin, Pasewalk). It owns interests in Studio Meier SA, Minusio (Switzerland), Mercator Kart AS, Bergen (Norway) as well as in BSF Swissphoto LLC (USA).


As a member of Swissphoto Group, BSF Swissphoto offers a comprehensive and complex portfolio of geodata services – both on its domestic markets in Switzerland and Germany as well as in the rest of Europe, in Africa, and in the Americas. 


BSF Swissphoto AG   BSF Swissphoto GmbH   BSF Swissphoto Pasewalk GmbH
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Dorfstrasse 53
CH-8105 Regensdorf-Watt

Tel.: 0041-44-871 22 22
Fax: 0041-44-871 22 00


Mittelstrasse 7
DE-12529 Schönefeld
Tel.: 0049-30-634 106 0
Fax: 0049-30-634 106 99


Franzfelde 31
DE-17309 Pasewalk
Tel.: 0049-39-732 028 40
Fax: 0049-39-732 028 49

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Studio Meier SA

  BSF Swissphoto LLC   Mercator Kart AS

Studio Meier

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via Borgaccio 4
CH-6648 Minusio 
Tel.: 0041-91-730 10 55
  547 Windover Drive
US-Brevard, NC 28712
  Midtunhaugen 10 
5224 Nesttun
Tel.: 0047-55109580